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Metabolic And Bariatric Surgery Accreditation And Quality Improvement Program (MBSAQIP) Standard Six Defines The Criteria For Data Collection

“High-quality data is critical to inform quality improvement and to determine accreditation. All metabolic and bariatric surgical procedures must be entered into the MBSAQIP Data Registry Platform…Metabolic and Bariatric Surgical Clinical Reviewers (MBSCRs) are audited, trained data reviewers who are not directly involved in patient care.”

—MBSAQIP Resources for Optimal Patient Care of the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Patient 2014

Collection of this data is vital, but is often a challenge for many centers. Lynne Thompson Consulting contracts with experienced data abstractors to provide this service and ensures non-biased, timely, and accurate data abstraction.

Certification Of The MBSCR Is A Requirement For Accreditation And Assurance That This Requirement Is Met Is Guaranteed

This MBSCR is a vital member of your center’s metabolic and bariatric program and will perform quality assurance checks on abstracted data to ensure accurate and timely data entry. Contracting out this key position can save the facility valuable health care dollars that can be utilized to benefit the center in other areas.*

* Pricing is based on facility volume and contracts can be long-term or temporary for situations such as maternity leave, short term LOA or illness or to ensure ongoing data compliance during staff transition.
MBSCR Contracted Through Lynne Thompson Consulting Will:

Be a member of YOUR team and provide leadership and direction in the development of QI projects
Ensure compliance with Standard 6 of the MBSAQIP Standards for Accreditation—entering 100% of all bariatric surgeries performed
Perform routine quality assurance audits on the data
Will attend all of your bariatric team meetings via teleconference and be accessible to your team at all times via telephone
Coordinate the effort to obtain follow-up data and facilitate a collaborative environment with your surgical practices
Act as a resource to the bariatric program and assist with the required QI projects
Will provide improved data accuracy through bias-free data abstraction
Will assist the MBS Director in creating a process to evaluate surgical results, adverse events and improve the structure, process and outcomes of the program
Provide consistency in staffing of the position
Enable valuable resources to be used in other areas of the program—a substantial savings over that of paying an in-house staff member

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